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Fig. 2

From: Swiss ethnoveterinary knowledge on medicinal plants – a within-country comparison of Italian speaking regions with north-western German speaking regions

Fig. 2

Distribution of use reports (UR) in Italian speaking region (ItR) and German speaking cantons (GeC). URs are grouped according to indications of the Anatomical Therapeutic Chemical Classification system for veterinary medicinal products (ATCvet). (QA = Alimentary tract and metabolism; QD = Dermatologicals; QG = Genito urinary system and sex hormones; Mast = Mastitis; QM = Musculo-skeletal system; QP = Antiparasitic products, insecticides and repellents; GS = General strengthening; “Others” for ItR-UR: QR (respiratory tract) agents, QS (sensory organs) agents, QN (nervous system) agent, various; “Others” for GeC-UR = QP, QR and various; Percentages referred to a total of 205 ItR-UR and 209 GeC-UR)

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