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Table 3 Species with medical uses not yet tested pharmacologically. Name and overall cultural importance (CI) of species are given

From: Plants from disturbed savannah vegetation and their usage by Bakongo tribes in Uíge, Northern Angola

Species CI
Alvesia rosmarinifolia 0.02
Anisophyllea cf. quangensis 0.05
Cayratia gracilis 0.02
Desmodium velutinum 0.02
Gymnanthemum cf. glaberrimum 0,10
Hymenocardia ulmoides 0.10
Lannea cf. antiscorbutica 0.10
Oxalis latifolia 0.02
Pleiotaxis rugosa 0,07
Pteridium centrali-africanum 0.12
Smilax anceps 0.07
Sopubia lanata 0.07
Triumfetta cordifolia 0.10
Vernonella cf. subaphylla 0.12