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Table 8 Medicinal preparations for topical application reported in Karst and Gorjanci

From: Folk use of medicinal plants in Karst and Gorjanci, Slovenia

  Preparation method No. of plants
Skin Fresh plant material Fresh plant material is placed on the skin 10
Latex 2
Resin 1
Heat-processed plant material Ointment made with lard 2
Fried plant material 1
Poultice made from cooked plant material 2
Infusion for warm compress 1
Infusion 2
Infusion for bath 3
Cooked in wine 1
Distillation Essential oil 1
Alcoholic distillate 1
Maceration Maceration in oil 5
Maceration in schnapps 10
Eyes Heat-processed plant material Infusion for eye rinsing and compress 1
Fresh plant material Seed is placed in eye 1
Lungs Heat-processed plant material Infusion for inhalation 3
Fermentation Vinegar for inhalation 1
Ears Fresh plant material Juice is dripped into ear 1