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Table 1 Kinds of medicinal plants vendors and their role in traditional markets in the Loja province

From: “Horchata” drink in Southern Ecuador: medicinal plants and people’s wellbeing



Rural harvesters and small suppliers

Women who live in rural areas surrounding the main cities in the Loja province, and who cultivate medicinal plants growth in their homegardens or collect fresh medicinal plants in nature (Table 2). They sell at home or travel to cities to trade plant bunches to prepare “horchata”, negotiating with customers or formal vendors at open markets and/or established markets.

Formal vendors

Women who legally hold an operating license from the government to rent a stall in the established markets for trading fruits, vegetables, medicinal plants and bunches to prepare “horchata”.

Informal vendors

Women who come from rural or metropolitan areas of the Loja province, and are market vendors on foot. They are minor public resellers of bunches to prepare “horchata” at established and/or open markets.