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Table 2 Frequency and Informant Consensus Factor of each category of illness

From: The most used medicinal plants by communities in Mahaboboka, Amboronabo, Mikoboka, Southwestern Madagascar

Category of illnesses (list of diseases) Number of plant cited Number of informants citing the category Frequency of citation (%) Informant Consensus Factor (IFC)
Blood and Cardio-Vascular System (BCVS): Cardiac problems in children, low blood pressure 3 2 1 0
Cranial System (CS): Early and late closing of baby’s fontanel 54 68 32 0.79
Dental Health (DH): Caries, causes teeth nerves insensitivity, dental abscess syndesmotome 14 10 5 0.07
Digestive System Disorder (DSD): Carminative, colic, diarrhea, constipation, anti-emetic, indigestion, liver disorders, intoxication from meat eating, laryngitis, gastric ulcer, intestinal ulcer, orexigenic after diarrhea, intestinal pain, dysentery 93 143 67 0.74
General ailments (GA): Weakness, headache, fever, side stitch, Yellow fever 81 93 43 0.59
Infectious Diseases (ID): Malaria, measles, scabies, tetanus, infected and syphilitic wounds, bilharzia 66 45 21 0.71
Muscular-Skeletal System (MSS): twists, fractures, low back pain, muscle aches, sprains, broken member 23 37 17 0.68
Nervous System (NS): Calming nerves, epilepsy, nerves swelling 69 41 19 0.71
Pregnancy, Birth and Puerperium (PBP): Menstrual pain, contraception, infertility treatment, pain and dizziness during pregnancy, prenatal care, induce labor, post partum recovery, healing wound after delivery, post partum hemorrhage, remove rest of placenta in uterus, promote lactation 100 114 53 0.86
Reproductive System (ReprS): Painful menstruation, sexually transmitted diseases (syphilis and gonorrhea), aphrodisiacs,contraceptive 11 27 13 0.57
Respiratory System (RespS): Flu, cold, bronchitis, asthma, pulmonary infection, bronchitis, cough 42 84 39 0.77
Sensory System (SS): Eye infections, conjunctivitis, mouth infection, boils, eye stye 6 10 5 0.55
Veterinary (Vet): Treatment of cattle’s diseases 5 6 3 0.20
  1. In Italic are the top 3 categories of illness with high Fic value