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Table 2 Medicinal uses of pigeonpea

From: Utilization and farmers’ knowledge on pigeonpea diversity in Benin, West Africa


Forms of use

Form of administration or application



- Triturate the leaves, filter and add lemon juice

- Triturate leaves, and add either lemon or citronella leaves or both and then filter the mixture

- decoction of pigeonpea leaves and acacia leaves

Drinking of the filtrate

All the villages


- Leaves decoction

Drinking of the decoction

Zagnanado (Kaodji, Massagbo)

Measles (children)

- Add water to triturated leaves

- Leaves decoction

Use as bath water to treat children and/or drinking of the decoction

Ouesse (Kokoro), Djidja (Oukpa), Zagnanado (Kaodji, Massagbo)


- Triturate fresh leaves, add to water and filtrate

- Triturate fresh leaves, filtrate and add to vine or fermented water

Use as bath water and/or drinking of the filtrate

Pobè (Issaba, Ahoyéyé)

Snake bite

Triturate fresh leaves

Apply the triturated leaves on the bite

Djidja (Oukpa, Bowe)

Eye infections

- Triturate fresh leaves and filter

Drop the filtrate in eyes

Pobè (Issaba, Ahoyéyé)


- Triturate fresh leaves and filter

Drink the filtrate

Pobè (Issaba), Kétou (Mowodani)