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Table 3 Participant recollections

From: Are identities oral? Understanding ethnobotanical knowledge after Irish independence (1937–1939)

Participants Specific interest shown by teacher Where the participant obtained the information that they recorded in the SFS How long the participant believes the SFS went on for Recalled recording TMK in the SFS Did not record TMK in the SMC but stated they knew TMK used at that time Passed on information to younger generations Overall impact of the SFS
P1 Father Once off No Yes Yes Positive
P2 No Neighbours and parents One term Yes No Positive
P3 No Mrs. Kenny One year Yes No—but his daughter was present and said yes Neutral
P4 Yes Father and neighbours More than a once off, for a while No Yes No Positive
P5 Grandmother and neighbours No Yes Yes Does not recall
P6 Neighbours A long time but less than a year No Yes Yes—informed by her daughter Positive
P7 Yes Grandparents, parents, and people in the community Every night for a month No Yes No Positive
P8 Yes Grandmother and father Two years Yes Did not say Positive
P9 Old people living in the village A year or two—weekly Yes No Positive
P10 Father On and off No No No Positive
P11 Father and neighbours that visited the house Yes No Positive