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Fig. 1

From: Reconsideration of the nomadic condition of the southernmost Guachichiles based on the relationship with their environment

Fig. 1

Villages mentioned in text, and current political division of central and northern Mexico. Villages are indicated in white, and states in blue italics. The orange area in the inlaid reference map corresponds to Spanish Kingdom of Nueva Galicia. State abbreviations are BCS = Baja California Sur, Ags. = Aguascalientes, Qro. = Querétaro, Ver. = Veracruz, Hgo. = Hidalgo, Gto. = Guanajuato, Col. = Colima, Edo. de Mex. = Estado de México, Tlax. = Tlaxcala, and Mor. = Morelos. Base map: Google Earth, ©2014 DigtalGlobe

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