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Table 6 Thatch and latch materials

From: Palikur traditional roundwood construction in eastern French Guiana: ethnobotanical and cultural perspectives

Botanic family Palikur name Botanic determination (herbarium voucher no.)
Cyclanthaceae Akuywa Thoracocarpus bissectus (Vell.) Harling (DD.11)
Marantaceae Wevri Ischnosiphon obliquus (Rudge) Körn. (DD.16)
Araceae Tiravui Heteropsis flexuosa (Kunth) G.S.Bunting (Gr.JLG.3231)
Arecaceae Tuuvan Manicaria saccifera Gaertn.a
Isaw Mauritia flexuosa L.f.a
Issuvan Geonoma baculifera (Poit.) Kuntha
  1. aSpecies not collected for herbarium voucher in this project