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Table 1 Significant use-report of B. aethiopum per plant part and use category: processing method, forms of use, purpose of use and fidelity level (FL) per chorological region (Hu = Humid, Sub-hu = Sub-humid, Sem = Semi-arid) with illustrations on Fig. 3. Only uses with FL ≥ 5% in at least one region are displayed

From: Traditional knowledge and cultural importance of Borassus aethiopum Mart. in Benin: interacting effects of socio-demographic attributes and multi-scale abundance

Plant parts Use category Processing method Form of use Purpose of use Chorological regions
Hu Sub-hu Sem
Fruits Food Remove the flesh Eat Human food 2.77 66.02 82.61
Boil in water the fruits 86.15 4.21 6.21
Boil in water fruits with corn (maize, rice or millet) 2.59 7.14
Toast fruits 30.75
Medicine Soak fruits in cold/boiled water Drink the liquid Malaria 8.31 5.50
Other uses Collect fruits Set around or in house, room Discard shrews and snakes 2.77 47.57
Hypocotyle Food Boil hypocotyls Eat Human nutrition 32.41 66.99 85.16
Toast hypocotyls 1.94 29.19
Medicine Soak in alcohol Drink the liquid Stomach-ache 1.11 43.37
Leaves Handcraft Harvest leaves from juveniles and weave (without the limb) Fan Home-use 37.95 82.85 4.04
Mat 0.28 15.86 4.04
Hat Clothing 2.49 24.60
Harvest leaves from trees and bind Sweeping Home-use 20.50
Construction Harvest leaves from trees Use with stems to enclose the house Palissad 0.55 6.15
Cover roof of house Roof 11.63 22.98
Stipe Medicine Recuperate the sap after logging a tree Rinse the mouth Tooth decay 13.35
Construction Cut down trees and split longitudinally Chevron House construction 47.65 13.35
Beam 39.16 0.31
Post 17.15
Petiole Handcraft Crush fresh petiole bark Use as sponge Home use/trade 15.86
Construction Collect petioles Use petioles as girder in poultry house Home-use 0.28 1.94 9.01
Firewood Collect dried petioles Firewood Home-use 45.71 14.24 29.50
Seeds Food Break nuts of green fruits using rocks and extract the almond Snack food Human nutrition 6.37 0.97 5.90
Break nuts of green fruits using rocks and take the liquid 8.86 0.32 5.90
Let seeds germinate and extract the almond 12.73
Firewood Collect dried husk of seeds Firewood Home-use 1.66 5.90
Roots Medicine Soak roots in water Take a bath Tonify infants 7.77
Boil in water Drink the liquid Malaria 2.77 5.83