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Table 5 Seasonal occurrence, collection, and forms of consumption of edible insects

From: Traditional knowledge regarding edible insects in Burkina Faso

Scientific name Orders Common name Seasonal availability Consumption stage Methods of collection Person who collect Forms of consumption
Macrotermes subhyalinus Isoptera Winged termites June–July Adult Trapped in a large bowl of water near the light source Children, women Fried, roasted
Cirina butyrospermi Lepidoptera Caterpillar June–August Larva Picked up under the plant Children, women Fried, ingredients in sauce
Kraussaria angulifera Orthoptera Grasshopper November–January Adult Harvested by hand or with a stick very early in the morning Men, children Fried, grilled
Gryllus campestris Orthoptera Field cricket September–October Adult Hunted by digging them out from their burrows Men, children Fried, grilled
Carbula marginella Hemiptera Beetle October–January Adult Picked up under the cave holes and millet Children, women Fried
Rhynchophorus phoenicis Coleoptera Palm weevil December–May Larva Picked up inside the infested host plant Children, men, women Fried, roasted
Oryctes sp. Coleoptera June–August Larva Picked in the cow dung Children, women Fried, roasted