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Table 1 Numerical and spatial characterization of the raftsmen studied groups, Southern Bahia, Brazil

From: Fishermen do more than fish: local ecological knowledge of raftsmen about the arboreal species used to construct rafts (Bahia, Brazil)

Groups of raftsmen Group 1 Group 2 Group 3 Group 4 Group 5
Number of raftsmen 26 6 3 5 6
Number of participants 23 4 3 1 5
County Uruçuca Ilhéus Ilhéus Ilhéus Canavieiras
Location (collect point) Serra Grande Mamoã Olivença Acuípe Atalaia
Continental shelf width Short (5 km) Short (5 km) Large (20 km) Large (20 km) Large
Protected areas (UICN category/number) II—01
** ** VI—01
Fishing strategy Line Line Trawls Trawls Trawls/line
Raft type Motor and sail Motor sail Not sail Not sail Sail
Average distance traveled 2.00 2.10 0.30 0.15 1.30
  1. *It features the distance reached on the ocean floor from the continental shelf where the rafts were found [33]
  2. **Data not available