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Table 1 Categories of the origin of knowledge of animals and the defining criteria

From: Wild vertebrates and their representation by urban/rural students in a region of northeast Brazil

Categories Defining criteria
Tradition (Tr) Content that refers to knowledge about animals through parents and experienced community members
Daily experiences (DE) Knowledge from own experiences in immediate situations of exploration in the context of life
Field experiences (FE) Knowledge through planned situations in natural environments: trails, camps and excursions
Pet (P) Knowledge derived from experiences with animals raised in a domestic environment or captivity
Hunting/fishing (HF) Knowledge through the practice of hunting and fishing
Trade (T) Knowledge acquired in commercial situations such as open fairs and markets
Formal education (FoE) Knowledge related to schooling: Science and Biology classes, didactic and para-didactic books, and extracurricular activities
Media (M) Knowledge obtained through various technological resources: internet, TV programs, documentaries, and films
Zoological units (Z) Knowledge acquired through zoos, oceanariums, aquariums, and zoonosis centers
Other (O) Not in the categories above