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Table 2 Diversity and uses of useful wild mushrooms of Côte d’Ivoire

From: Phytogeographical and sociolinguistical patterns of the diversity, distribution, and uses of wild mushrooms in Côte d’Ivoire, West Africa

Species Families Voucher number Distribution Reported uses RUV CII
Agaricus sp1 Agaricaceae SB190 EF Food 0.41 0.29
Agaricus sp2 SB206 EF Food 0.36 0.22
Amanita congolensis (Beeli) Tulloss, B. E. Wolfe, K. W. Hughes, Kudzma and Arora Amanitaceae LLPV110 SGS Food 0.57 0.77
Amanita masasiensis Härk. and Saarim. LLPV620 SGS Food 0.50 0.38
Amanita strobilaceovolvata Belli LLPV233 SGS Food 0.71 0.71
Amanita aff subviscosa Belli LLPV218 SGS Food 0.55 0.50
Amanita craseoderma Bas LLPV112 SGS Food 0.25 0.27
Amanita crassiconus Bas LLPV333 SGS Food 0.27 0.21
Amanita rubescens Pers. LLPV132 SGS Food 0.52 0.43
Amanita xanthogala Bas LLPV159 SGS Food 0.36 0.37
Auricalaria polytricha (Bull.) Quél. Auriculariaceae SB186 EF, GS, SGS Food and medicinal 0.32 0.25
Auricularia sp1 SB101 EF, GS, SGS Food and medicinal 0.57 0.48
Auricularia sp2 SB104 EF, GS, SGS Food and medicinal 0.61 0.61
Auricularia sp3 SB051 EF, GS, SGS Food and medicinal 0.51 0.42
Boletus loosii Heinem. Boletaceae LLPV1002 SGS Food 0.34 0.21
Bulgaria sp. Bulgariacea SB184 EF, GS Medicinal 0.29 0.37
Cantharellus addaiensis Henn. Cantharellaceae LLPV100 SGS Food 0.87 0.87
Cookeina sp1 Sarcosyphaceae SB156 EF Medicinal 0.02- 0.03
Cookeina sp2 SB193 EF Medicinal 0.05 0.05
Coprinus africanus (Pegler) Redhead, Vilgalys and Moncalvo Agaricaceae SB 217 EF, GS, SGS Food 0.66 0.59
Daldinia concentrica (Bolton) Cesati and de Notaris xylariaceae SB189 EF, GS, SGS Medicinal and magic 0.64 1.11
Echinochaete brachypora (Mont.) Ryvarden Polyporaceae SB073 EF, SGS Food and medicinal 0.28 0.15
Ganoderma lucidum (Curtis ex Fr.) P. Karst. Ganodermataceae SB007 SGS Medicinal 0.61 0.42
Ganoderma sp. SB210 EF Medicinal 0.07 0.02
Gyroporus castaneus (Bull.) Quél. Gyroporaceae LLPV442 SGS Food 0.43 0.42
Lactarius saponaceus Verbeken Russulaceae LLPV079 SGS Food 0.23 0.24
Lactarius tenellus Verbeken and Walleyn LLPV902 SGS Food 0.22 0.34
Lactifluus flammans (Verbeken) Verbeken LLPV188 SGS Food 0.72 0.67
Lactifluus gymnocarpoides (Verbeken) Verbeken LLPV199 SGS Food 0.19 0.18
Lactifluus heimii (Verbeken) Verbeken LLPV164 SGS Food 0.61 0.78
Lactifluus luteopus Verbeken LLPV191 SGS Food 0.70 0.58
Lactifluus volemoides (Karhula) Verbeken LLPV189 SGS Food 0.67 0.67
Lentinus squarrossulus Mont. Polyporaceae SB001 EF, GS, SGS Food 0.94 0.28
Lentinus tuber-regium (Fr.) Singer SB093 EF, GS Food and medicinal 0.2 0.28
Lycoperdon sp1 Agaricaceae SB188 EF Food and medicinal 0.11 0.07
Lycoperdon sp2 SB138 EF Food and medicinal 0.12 0.06
Marrasmiellus inoderma (Berk.) Singer Marasmiaceae SB098 EF, GS Food 0.54 0.20
Marasmiellus sp. SB042 EF, GS Food 0.21 0.12
Octaviana ivoryana Casttelano, Verbeken and Thoen Boletaceae LLPV214 SGS Positioning 0.15 0.20
Psathyrella tuberculata (Path.) A. H. Smith Psathyrellaceae SB026 EF, GS, SGS Food and medicinal 1.20 1.81
Psathyrella sp. SB205 EF, GS, SGS Food 0.63 0.58
Russula aff cellulata Buyck Russulaceae LLPV118 SGS Food 0.49 0.48
Russula ciliata Buyck LLPV123 SGS Food 0.47 0.49
Russula congoana Pat. LLPV048 SGS Food 0.37 0.43
Russula grisea Fr. LLPV553 SGS Food 0.51 0.53
Russula oleifera Buyck LLPV187 SGS Food 0.51 0.47
Russula sesenagula Beeli LLPV127 SGS Food 0.32 0.35
Russula sp. SB41 GS Food 0.36 0.40
Schizophyllum commune Fries Schizophyllaceae SB061 EF, GS Food 0.07 0.07
Termitomyces cf Aurantiacus (R. Heim) R. Heim Lyophyllaceae NAK170 SGS Food 0.65 0.73
Termitomyces cf striatus (Beeli) R. Heim SB043 SGS Food 0.82 1.10
Termitomyces fuliginosus Heim NAK004 SGS Food 0.85 0.87
Termitomyces letestui (Pat.) R. Heim NAK001, SB30 GS Food 0.69 1.45
Termitomyces meduis R. Heim and Grassé NAK003, SB086 EF, GS, SGS Food 0.77 0.98
Termitomyces eurhizus (Berk.) R. Heim NAK002 EF Food 0.25 0.36
Termitomyces microcarpus (Berk. and Broomo) R. Heim NAK079 EF Food 0.64 0.87
Termitomyces schimperi (Pat.) R. Heim NAK103 EF Food 0.69 0.62
Termitomyces cf clypeatus NAK019 EF Food 0.61 0.72
Termitomyces sp1 SB095 GS Food 0.87 1.19
Termitomyces sp2 SB043 GS Food 0.64 0.91
Termitomyces sp3 SB004 GS Food 0.82 1.11
Termitomyces sp4 SB012 GS Food 0.85 1.12
Termitomyces sp5 NAK037 GS Food 0.70 1,07
Termitomyces sp6 SB10 GS Food 0.86 1.15
Termitomyces sp7 NAK097 GS Food 0.41 0.62
Volvariella earlei (Murrill) Shaffer Volvariellaceae SB013 EF, GS, SGS Food 0.60 0.64
Volvariella volvacea (Bull.) Singer SB 216 EF, GS, SGS Food and medicinal 0.85 1.43
Volvariella sp. SB041 GS Food 0.06 0.08
  1. Abbreviations: zones phytogeographical zones of Côte d’Ivoire, EF Evergreen Forest, GS Guinean savanna, SGS Sudano-Guinean Savanna, RUV reported use value, CSI Cultural Significance Index