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Table 1 Enumeration of plants used by the Gujjars of Churah subdivision of Chamba district

From: Ethnobotanical knowledge among the semi-pastoral Gujjar tribe in the high altitude (Adhwari’s) of Churah subdivision, district Chamba, Western Himalaya

Family Scientific name Local namea Voucher no. Used inb Part(s) usedc Mode of usage Uses (no. of informants) Total citations (∑U) Use value (UV)
  Viburnum mullaha Buch.-Ham. ex D. Don Tilhanj PLP 17848 Hum Fr Fruit is edible Edible (73) 73 0.54
  Amaranthus paniculatus L. Seul PLP 17851 Hum Sd Seeds are cracked and eaten and also used to prepare other recipes Edible (115) 115 0.85
  Chenopodium album L. Bathua PLP 17990 Hum Lf Used as very common vegetable Edible (99) 99 0.73
  Dysphania botrys (L.) Mosyakin & Clemants Bathu PLP 17829 Hum Lf Leaves are cooked and eaten Edible (93) 93 0.69
  Angelica glauca Edgew. Choru PLP 17837 Hum/Cat Rt Root powder is used to cure a cold/fever both in humans and cattle. The root is kept in almost all houses to avoid the entry of snake inside the house Medicinal (67), household (89) 156 1.16
  Pleurospermum brunonis Benth. ex C.B. Clarke Hewan PLP 17905 Hum Lf, Wp Crushed leaf juice mixed with mild hot mustard oil to prevent skin infection. The whole part is kept by local people to avoid the evil eye Medicinal (19), household (89) 108 0.80
  Selinum vaginatum C.B. Clarke Bhootkeshi PLP 17911 Hum Wp The whole plant is dried and is used as an incense Household (71) 71 0.53
  Arisaema tortuosum (Wall.) Schott Shaungal/ Leetu/Galgal PLP 17862 Hum Tu The tuber is cooked and eaten Edible (90) 90 0.67
  Asparagus adscendens Roxb. Sansua PLP 17917 Hum Rt The outer layer of the roots is removed and immersed in mustard oil and applied on the scalp to control hair fall Medicinal (56) 56 0.41
  Jurinea macrocephala DC. Dhoop PLP 17968 Hum Wp The whole part is dried and used as incense Household (103) 103 0.76
  Diplazium maximum (D. Don) C. Chr. Khasrod PLP 17805 Hum Wp A decoction of the whole plant is taken to cure body pain. Used as vegetable and pickle Medicinal (43), Edible (121) 164 1.21
  Impatiens spp. Nanteela PLP 17923 Cat Lf Used as fodder Fodder (67) 67 0.50
  Berberis aristata DC. Timri/Kashmal/Kemru PLP 17998 Hum Rt Roots are boiled in water and the residue is used to cure an eye infection Medicinal (63) 63 0.47
  Berberis lycium Royle Kashmal/Kemru PLP 17815 Hum Fr Ripen fruits are eaten Edible (99) 99 0.73
  Sinopodophyllum hexandrum (Royle) T.S.Ying Khakdu PLP 17928 Cat Fr Fruits are ground and paste is kept inside the wheat flour dough and given to cattle to prevent bloating Medicinal (61) 61 0.45
  Alnus nitida (Spach) Endl. Koie PLP 17864 Cat Lf The leaves of the plant are given as fodder to animals Fodder (89) 89 0.66
  Betula utilis D.Don Bhojpatra PLP 17901 Hum Lf, Bk The decoction of leaves is used to cure the urinary infection, the bark is used in thatching roofs as a waterproof medium Medicinal (12), household (98) 110 0.81
  Carpinus viminea Wall. ex Lindl. Mandu PLP 17833 Cat Lf, Bk Leaves are used as fodder. The bark is used for making shoes Fodder (69), household (6) 75 0.56
  Corylus jacquemontii Decne. Jamun PLP 17936 Hum/Cat Fr, Lf Fruits are edible. Leaves are used as fodder Edible (91), fodder (103) 194 1.44
  Onosma hispida Wall. ex G. Don Ratanjot PLP 17980 Hum Rt Dried roots are immersed in mustard oil and applied on hair scalp to control hair fall Medicinal (59) 59 0.44
  Sarcococca saligna (D. Don) Müll. Arg. Rethali PLP 17942 Hum St Used for making brooms Household (76) 76 0.56
  Cannabis sativa L. Bhang PLP 17840 Hum Sd Roasted seeds are eaten as culinary by the local people Edible (107) 107 0.79
  Valeriana jatamansi Jones Mushkbala, Shamak PLP 17927 Hum Rt Used as incense Household (79) 79 0.59
  Stellaria media (L.) Vill. Khojua/ Koku PLP 17922 Hum Ap Aerial part is cooked and eaten as a vegetable Edible (94) 94 0.70
  Commelina benghalensis L. Chura PLP 17871 Hum Lf Leaves are eaten as vegetable Edible (110) 110 0.81
  Jurinea macrocephala DC. Dhoop PLP 17968 Hum Wp The whole part is dried and used as incense Household (103) 103 0.76
  Pteridium aquilinum (L.) Kuhn Nanoor PLP 17931 Hum Ap Used as fixer between soil and timber beam for roof thatching in the construction of houses. Very often given as fodder to buffaloes Fodder (115), household (117) 232 1.72
  Elaeagnus parvifolia Wall. ex Royle Ghyeen PLP 17881 Hum Fr Fruits are edible Edible (78) 78 0.58
  Rhododendron arboreum Sm. Surang PLP 18000 Hum Fl Flower juice is used to make drink commonly called sherbat Edible (90) 90 0.67
  Rhododendron campanulatum D.Don Inga PLP 17913 Cat Lf A small quantity of leaves are fed to buffalos in case of a cough Medicinal (62) 62 0.46
  Bauhinia variegata L. Kachnar PLP 17997 Hum Fl The flowers are used to make pakoras (fried snack) and chutneys (sauce) Edible (79) 79 0.59
  Desmodium elegans DC. Pree PLP 17994 Cat Lf The leaves of the plant are given as fodder to animals Fodder (71) 71 0.53
  Quercus semecarpifolia Sm. Kharyu PLP 17902 Cat Lf The leaves are used as fodder Fodder (95) 95 0.70
  Juglans regia L. Akhrot PLP 17892 Hum Bk, Fr, Wd The bark is used to clean teeth, fruit is edible, the wood used for various purposes Edible (111), household (105) 216 1.60
  Ajuga integrifolia Buch.-Ham. Neelkanthi PLP 17825 Hum Rt Root paste is applied to the snake bite affected area Medicinal (32) 32 0.24
  Clinopodium vulgare L. Shyul PLP 17817 Hum Sd The seeds are cracked and used in various recipes Edible (102) 102 0.76
  Neolitsea pallens (D. Don) Momiy. & H. Hara Jhlunth PLP 17855 Cat Lf The leaves of the plant are given as fodder to animals Fodder (78) 78 0.58
  Gagea lutea (L.) Ker Gawl. Butti PLP 17953 Hum Tu The dried form of tubers occasionally used as spices Edible (76) 76 0.56
  Malva neglecta Wallr. Sochal PLP 17977 Hum Lf Cooked as vegetable Edible (91) 91 0.67
  Trillium govanianum Wall. ex D.Don Nag Chatri PLP 17937 Hum Rt Dried root powder along with buttermilk used to cure arthritis Medicinal (33) 33 0.24
  Ficus spp. Dhura PLP 17932 Cat Lf The leaves of the plant are given as fodder to animals Fodder (92) 92 0.68
  Morchella esculenta (L. : Fr.) Pers. Gucchi PLP 17995 Hum Wp The dried whole part is boiled in milk and given to a person suffering from cold and cough. The whole part is cooked and eaten Edible (91), medicinal (26) 117 0.87
  Jasminum humile L. Peeli chameli PLP 17933 Hum Rt Roots are used to cure ringworm Medicinal (33) 33 0.24
  Dactylorhiza hatagirea (D.Don) Soó Salmpanja PLP 17969 Hum Rt The dried root powder is taken in a small amount (half tea spoon) with milk in case of weakness Medicinal (60) 60 0.44
  Epipactis helleborine (L.) Crantz Dhundali PLP 17999 Cat Lf The leaves are dried and burnt in front of animals suffering from evil eye Household (58) 58 0.43
  Oxalis corniculata L. Khati Amli PLP 17812 Hum Rt Root is used to treat dyspepsia Medicinal (43) 43 0.32
  Corydalis govaniana Wall. Phul PLP 17950 Hum Lf Leaf used to cure joint pain Medicinal (21) 21 0.16
  Phytolacca acinosa Roxb. Kafal PLP 17944 Hum/Cat Lf, Fr Leaves are used as vegetable and fruits are used to feed the poultry Edible (97) 97 0.72
  Cedrus deodara (Roxb. ex D.Don) G.Don Dyaar PLP 17940 Cat Wd Oil is applied on the feet of cattle to control maggots Medicinal (45) 45 0.33
  Picrorhiza kurrooa Royle Karu PLP 17895 Hum Rt Used to cure fever and jaundice Medicinal (63) 63 0.47
  Fagopyrum esculentum Moench Helangala PLP 17843 Hum Sd, Lf The seeds are roasted and eaten as culinary and leaf eaten as a vegetable Edible (88) 88 0.65
  Oxyria digyna (L.) Hill Chukru PLP 17909 Hum Lf Leaves and young shoots are edible and used in chutney (sauce), pickles. Leaves are eaten to cure stomach disorders Edible (87), medicinal (21) 108 0.80
  Persicaria amplexicaulis (D.Don) Ronse Decr. Masloon PLP 17813 Hum Rt Root used in making tea Edible (116) 116 0.86
  Polygonum aviculare L. Nadi PLP 17823 Hum Ap Aerial part is cooked and eaten as a vegetable and is also used to cure pneumonia Edible (104), medicinal (21) 125 0.93
  Persicaria hydropiper (L.) Delarbre Ganeri PLP 17882 Hum Lf Leaves are cooked and eaten as a vegetable Edible (83) 83 0.61
  Rheum australe D. Don Chukri PLP 17899 Hum Rt It is used as tooth cleaning powder. An adequate amount of root powder is given to the buffalos to cure a cough Household (89), medicinal (52) 141 1.04
  Rumex hastatus D. Don Khatti butti PLP 17836 Hum/Cat Lf, Wp Fresh leaf juice is used to cure foot disease of the animal. The whole plant is wrapped around Arisaema tuber and boiled in water for 1–2 h to remove its bitterness. Medicinal (31), household (116) 147 1.09
  Primula floribunda Wall. Phool PLP 17941 Hum Rt, Lf Root and leaves are used to wash milk containers made up of mud or steel Household (103) 103 0.76
  Aconitum heterophyllum Wall. ex Royle Patish PLP17906 Hum Rt Used to cure a cough and fever Medicinal (74) 74 0.55
  Caltha palustris L. Butti PLP 17951 Cat Lf Leaf used to heal worm infected sores and wound Medicinal (16) 16 0.12
  Ranunculus spp. Phool PLP 17934 Cat Ap Fodder for goat and buffalos Fodder (117) 117 0.87
  Cotoneaster spp. Leo/Loon PLP 17938 Cat Lf Used as fodder Fodder (83) 83 0.61
  Fragaria indica Andrews Bada Mewa PLP 17920 Hum Fr Ripen fruits are eaten Edible (79) 79 0.59
  Fragaria nubicola (Lindl. ex Hook.f.) Lacaita Mewa PLP 17946 Hum Fr Ripen fruits are eaten Edible (105) 105 0.78
  Fragaria vesca L. Buti PLP 17850 Hum Fr Ripen fruits are eaten Edible (110) 110 0.81
  Prunus armeniaca L. Khumani PLP 17939 Hum Fr Ripen fruits are eaten Edible (121) 121 0.90
  Prunus cornuta (Wall. ex Royle) Steud. Jamu PLP 17912 Hum Fr, Sd Fruit is edible and seed crushed and taken internally to cure diabetes Edible (97), medicinal (33) 130 0.96
  Prunus persica (L.) Batsch Aaru PLP 17947 Hum Fr Ripen fruits are eaten Edible (99) 99 0.73
  Rosa macrophylla Lindl. Jungli gulab PLP 17958 Hum Fl Flowers are used by local healers to cure stomachache Medicinal (17) 17 0.13
  Rubus niveus Thunb. Aakhe/Karer PLP 17965 Hum Fr Ripen fruits are eaten Edible (94) 94 0.70
  Sorbaria tomentosa (Lindl.) Rehder Paddad PLP 17926 Cat Lf Leaves are used as vermicide in case of animals Medicinal (43) 43 0.32
  Spiraea canescens D.Don. Preud PLP 17972 Hum St The stems are used to make brooms and baskets (kirra) Household (81) 81 0.60
  Rubus ellipticus Sm. Aakhe/Karer PLP 17863 Hum Fr Ripen fruits are eaten Edible (87) 87 0.64
  Boenninghausenia albiflora (Hook.) Rchb. ex Meisn. Pisu mar butti PLP 17809 Hum Lf Leaves are used to kill bed bug Household (78) 78 0.58
  Acer caesium Wall. ex Brandis Kajlu/ Jawandali PLP 17900 Cat Lf The leaves of the plant are given as fodder to animals Fodder (99) 99 0.73
  Aesculus indica (Wall. ex Cambess.) Hook. Goon PLP 17858 Cat Lf The leaves of the plant are given as fodder to animals Fodder (56) 56 0.41
  Bergenia stracheyi (Hook.f. & Thomson) Engl. Kapdolu PLP 17952 Hum Rt Used to cure kidney stone Medicinal (49) 49 0.36
  Verbascum thapsus L. Jungli tambaku PLP 17975 Cat Sd Seeds are ground and mixed with wheat flour and given to cattle suffering from indigestion Medicinal (31) 31 0.23
  Brucea javanica (L.) Merr Hala PLP 17854 Hum Fr The fruit is used to make chutney (sauce) Edible (111) 111 0.82
  Ailanthus altissima (Mill.) Swingle Ramban PLP 17996 Cat Lf The leaves of the plant are given as fodder to animals Fodder (45) 45 0.33
  Solanum nigrum L. Makoi PLP 17831 Hum Lf, Fr The tender leaves are eaten to treat dysentery and fruits are edible Edible (55), medicinal (49) 104 0.77
  Taxus wallichiana Zucc. Nagdaun/Brahmi PLP 17904 Hum Bk The bark is very often used in flavouring tea Edible (81) 81 0.60
  Daphne papyracea Wall. ex G. Don Nera PLP 17954 Cat Lf Leaves are given to cattle in case of cough and cold Medicinal (55) 55 0.41
  Urtica dioica L. Ain PLP 17818 Hum/Cat Lf The leaf paste is applied to injuries to reduce swelling. The leaves are cooked very often as a vegetable in anaemic condition. Edible (113), medicinal (69) 182 1.35
  1. New or lesser known ethnobotanical uses are indicated in bold
  2. aLocal name: in the local dialect; bUsed in: Cat cattle, Hum human
  3. cPart(s) used: Ap aerial parts, Bk bark, Fl flower, Fr fruits, Lf leaf, Rt roots, Sd seeds, St stem, Tu tuber, Wp whole part, Wd wood