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Table 2 Detailed information of six varieties of Strobilanthes cusia

From: Identity blues: the ethnobotany of the indigo dyeing by Landian Yao (Iu Mien) in Yunnan, Southwest China

Local name Meaning of name Production types Flowering time Growing place Specimen number
Hong gong gam/gam gong gam It is planted by their ancestor Seed Flowered every year after grow up Shade 18LS03
Gam lu Big size Cutting Flowered every year after grow up Shade 18LS01
Gam gai Medium size Cutting   Everywhere  
Gam sam Small size Cutting Every year   18LS04
Gam nyoyi bu Gray node Cutting Every year Shade 18LS02
Akha gam It is from Akha people Cutting Every year Everywhere 18LS05