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Table 2 Tests for significant correlations between belief statements and independent variables

From: Community attitudes towards bears, bear bile use, and bear conservation in Luang Prabang, Lao PDR

Statement Age Gender Ethnicity Village hh size Assets
Bear conservation and legislationa
 The number of bears in Laos is increasing (false) ns Cramer’s V = .214** (male) Cramer’s V = .378*** (Hmong) ns F = 3.086* (greater) ns
 It is possible to extract bile from a bear without killing the animal (true) ns ns ns ns ns ns
 Most bears in farms were born in captivity (false) ns ns ns ns F = 14.411*** (lower) ns
 Hunting bears in Laos is legal (false) ns ns ns Cramer’s V = .173* (Long Lao) F = 9.010*** (greater) ns
 Consuming bear products in Laos is legal (false) ns ns Cramer’s V = .291*** (Khmu) Cramer’s V = .228** (Long Lao) ns ns
Valued opinions concerning bear bile useb
 Most people whose opinion I value have used bear bile for medicine and other purposes in the past ns Cramer’s V = .197** (male) Cramer’s V = .208*** (Hmong) ns ns ns
 Most people whose opinion I value will continue using bear bile in the future ns ns Cramer’s V = .179* (Lao) Cramer’s V = .175* (Xiang Mouarg) ns ns
 Most people believe you should use bear bile ns ns Cramer’s V = .192** (Lao) Cramer’s V = .248*** (Xiang Mouarg) ns ns
  1. asignificant differences shown for orientation towards correct responses [indicated in square brackets following statement], compared with other groups
  2. bsignificant differences shown for orientation towards “true” responses, compared with other groups
  3. ns not significant, *p < .05, **p < .01, ***p < .001