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Table 8 Comparison of species found in the study area with those in other study areas

From: Ethnobotanical study of medicinal plants in the Hawassa Zuria District, Sidama zone, Southern Ethiopia

Study areas Species no. (a or b) Common species (c) Jaccard’s coefficient (sj) % similarity References
Hawassa Zuria district 105 Study area
Amaro district 56 22 0.12 12.0 [12]
Wondo Genet district 85 35 0.15 15.5 [27]
Wonago district 155 26 0.09 9.09 [3]
Mana Angetu 230 33 0.08 8.96 [49]
  1. a is the number of species which is found in habitat A, b is the number of species found only in habitat B, and c is the number of common species found in habitats A and B