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Table 4 Dry and mesic grassland habitats and their meaning and literal translations (other grassland types are listed in Tables 5, 6, and 8)

From: “A herder’s duty is to think”: landscape partitioning and folk habitats of Mongolian herders in a mountain forest steppe (Khuvsugul-Murun region)

Dry and mesic grasslands (including grass-dominated rocky places)Literal translationsMeaning of the habitat type
уулын нугаMeadow of the mountainForb-rich meadow steppe near the forest on mountain slope
ботуультай газарAn area with botyuulAn area with only botyuul (dominated by Festuca)
ботууль, хиагтай газарAn area with botyuul and hyagAn area with botyuul and hyag
ботууль, борогтой газарAn area with botyuul and borogAn area with botyuul and borog
боргорхуу (борогдуу) газар, борог-ширэг газар (борог-судаг газар)Borog place, borog-shireg place (borog-shallow-coomb place)an area with borog and shireg
хадлангийн газар (талбай), хадлангийн хөцөөн доторHay field (hayland, meadow), into the fence of the hayField of hay, into the fence of the hay
ашиглагдахаа больсон тариалангийн талбайAbandoned areaAbandoned cultivated area