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Table 7 Degraded habitats and their meaning and literal translations

From: “A herder’s duty is to think”: landscape partitioning and folk habitats of Mongolian herders in a mountain forest steppe (Khuvsugul-Murun region)

Disturbed areas

Literal translations

Meaning of the habitat type

малын (хуучин) буудал газар, малын өтөг бууц

(Old) nomad campsites, dung of livestock

Nomad campsites in general

хөл газар, үхэл хөрстэй хөл газар, гэрийн ойролцоо

Ruderal (foot) place, foot place with lifeless soil, near the yurts (ger)

Ruderal place (heavily trampled by humans and livestock)

хөрс нь гэмтсэн (эвдэрсэн) газар

An area with damaged (eroded) soil

An area with soil destroyed by livestock and humans

үхмэл газар, хөрс муутай үхмэл газар, үхмэл буудал газар

Dead place, dead place with low nutrient soil, dead nomad campsite

Area devode of vegetation with extra high nutrient levels (caused by trampling and resting by livestock)

сумын төвийн хашаан дотор

In the yard of center of the soum

Yard in a settlement