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Table 3 Sociodemographic characteristics of participants

From: Changes in traditional ecological knowledge of forage plants in immigrant villages of Ningxia, China

CategoryGenderAgeEducation LevelOccupation
 MaleFemale≤ 1920–3940–59≥ 60IPMHVFBWDSO
Village a2121410181013224333201141
Village b211841317516164312716031
Village c42315133817273211336102151
Village d27416242117311916225723031
Village e2622611191218169513124352
Village f2817314141423145323603031
  1. Education level: I = Illiteracy; P = primary school; M = middle high school; H = High school. Occupation: V = village heads; F = farmers; B = businessmen; W = migrant workers; D = village doctors; S = students; O = others