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Table 1 Categories of diseases treated with zootherapeutic resources in the surveyed communities, according to CBCD - Brazilian Center for Classification of Diseases (1993)

From: Environmental influence on the choice of medicinal animals: a case study from northeastern Brazil

Categories Diseases Total
Musculoskeletal and connective tissue disorders Leg pain, plantar fasciitis, “hard nerves,” bone pain, joint pain, knee pain, hardened joints, spine pain, rheumatism, crooked knee 10
Respiratory tract diseases Sore throat, flu, cough, throat inflammation, asthma, asthma crisis 7
Undefined diseases Chest lump, inflammation, cracked heels, itching, healing 5
External causes of morbidity and mortality Swelling, wound, barbs, thorn removal 4
Injury, poisoning, and some other consequences of external causes Bruise, arm dislocation, ankle fracture 3
Diseases of the circulatory system Hemorrhoids, stroke, thrombosis 3
Skin and subcutaneous tissue disorders Boil, blackhead, acne 3
Nervous system disorders Headache 1
Ear and mastoid apophysis disorders Ear pain 1
Digestive tract diseases Constipation 1