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Table 1 Summary of the demographics of the Minho river fishers (N = 40)

From: Ethnozoological knowledge of traditional fishing villages about the anadromous sea lamprey (Petromyzon marinus) in the Minho river, Portugal

VariablesN of fishers
Fishing village interviews
 Vila Nova de Cerveira07
Education level (years of schooling)
 1st cycle (1–4 years)14
 2nd cycle (5–6 years)08
 3rd cycle (7–9 years)10
 Secondary education (10-12 years)05
 Higher education (more than 12 years)03
Members of the fishing association
 Fisheries professionals of the Minho river and the sea12
 Ribeira Minho06
 Not associated19
Other complement professions
 (civil construction, tourism, and local commerce)28
Fisher’s activity
 Minimum and MaximumAverageStandard Deviation (sd)
Age (years)32 - 8857.13± 14.76
Income (Euros)300 - 1500688.29± 271.35
Fishing experience (years)02 - 7037.18± 17.42