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Table 2 Ethnobotanical uses of the four species most at risk - according to the Conservation Priority Index, integrated to ecological, phenological and bibliographic data of each plant’s conservation status - for the native species recorded in phase II of this study

From: Participatory ethnobotany and conservation: a methodological case study conducted with quilombola communities in Brazil’s Atlantic Forest

Vernacular nameSpecies (voucher)Ethnobotanical use
bicuíbaVirola bicuhyba (Schott ex Spreng.) Warb - MA113Shipbuilding, construction, combustion.
cedro-rosaCedrela fissilis Vell.- SB34Shipbuilding, construction.
cambucáPlinia edulis (Vell.) Sobral - MA100Food and combustion.
caxetaTabebuia cassinoides (Lam.) DC. - GDS41Shipbuilding.