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Table 1 Basic information regarding the biophysical characteristics of the surveyed zones

From: On-farm management and participatory evaluation of pigeonpea (Cajanus cajan [L.] Millspaugh) diversity across the agro-ecological zones of the Republic of Benin

VariablesGuinean zoneSudano-Guinean zoneSudanian zone
Altitude (in m)56–223153–308214–609
Annual rainfall (mm)1200–15001100–1300900–1100
Temperature (°C)24–3025–3421–35
SeasonsBimodal rainfall regime: 2 dry seasons and 2 rainy seasonsBimodal rainfall regime: 2 dry seasons and 2 rainy seasonsUnimodal rainfall regime: 1 dry season and 1 rainy season
Dominant soilsFerrallitic soilsFerruginous and ferrallitic soilsConcreted or hardened ferruginous soils with small deep
Number of surveyed villages201911
Surveyed sociolinguistic groupsBiali (Exotic), Somba (Exotic), Fon, Holly, Mahi, Nago, IdaashaAdja, Fon, Holly, Mahi, Nago, YorubaBariba, Dendi, Peuhl, Yoruba (Exotic), Boo