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Table 4 The top twenty taxa and their main food uses with three or more UR

From: Filling the gaps: ethnobotanical study of the Garrigues district, an arid zone in Catalonia (NE Iberian Peninsula)

Taxon, family and herbarium voucherUsed partUses with UR ≥ 3Total URTotal UR (%)
Thymus vulgaris L. (Lamiaceae) BCN 96764Aerial partBoiled in water, condiment744.34
Papaver rhoeas L. (Papaveraceae) BCN 125507Aerial part, leafRaw694.05
Rubus ulmifolius Schott (Rosaceae) BCN 156557FruitCooked with sugar, high-grade alcoholic beverage, raw694.05
Olea europaea L. subsp. europaea var. europaea (Oleaceae) BCN 125505Fruit, leafAir-dried*, macerated in water, preserved in oil, preserved in vinegar653.81
Prunus dulcis (Mill.) Weeb. (Rosaceae) BCN 125495Fruit, seedAir-dried, cooked with oil, cooked with sugar, milk-based beverage, preserved in vinegar, raw, toasted, water-based beverage653.81
Satureja montana L. (Lamiaceae) BCN 125403Aerial partCondiment563.28
Sonchus oleraceus L. (Asteraceae) BCN 125509LeafRaw523.05
Arbutus unedo L. (Ericaceae) BCN 96768FruitCooked with sugar, raw502.93
Ficus carica L. (Moraceae) BCN 150361FruitAir-dried, high-grade alcoholic beverage, raw492.87
Celtis australis L. (Cannabaceae) BCN 125477FruitRaw482.82
Rosmarinus officinalis L. (Lamiaceae) BCN 156603Aerial partCondiment452.64
Cydonia oblonga Mill. (Rosaceae) BCN 150356FruitCooked with sugar382.23
Sorbus domestica L. (Rosaceae) BCN 150384FruitAir-dried, raw372.17
Foeniculum vulgare Mill. subsp. piperitum (Ucria) Cout. (Apiaceae) BCN 125404Aerial part, fruitBoiled in water, condiment, raw341.99
Malva sylvestris L. (Malvaceae) BCN 125508Flower, fruitRaw341.99
Beta vulgaris L. subsp. maritima (L.) Arcang. (Amaranthaceae) BCN 156567LeafBoiled in water, raw331.94
Silybum marianum (L.) Gaertn. (Asteraceae) BCN 125516InflorescenceRaw331.94
Silene vulgaris (Moench) Garcke (Caryophyllaceae) BCN 96770LeafBoiled in water, cooked with oil, raw311.82
Solanum lycopersicum L. (Solanaceae) BCN 29952FruitCooked with sugar, preserved311.82
Laurus nobilis L. (Lauraceae) BCN 150355LeafCondiment301.76
  1. The number of UR is the total number, not only the UR according to uses with three or more use reports. Uses with no sign are for humans and those marked with an asterisk (*) are for animals