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Table 2 Classifying diseases

From: Exchange of medicinal plant information in California missions

Number Categories Affection
1 CAR: Cardiovascular diseases Antivaricose, blood disorders, blood pressure regulator (thick blood, antihypertensive), cardiotonic (heart problems), clean the blood, external hemostatic, hemorrhoids (piles), high cholesterol, phlebitis, uric acid, vasotonic (circulatory problems, enhance circulation)
2 DEP: Diuretic, laxative, diaphoretic Clean the body, depurative, fluid retention
3 DER: Dermatology Acne, anti-ecchymotic, baldness (hair loss), bites (dog, snake, insect, nettle stings), blisters and grazes, boils; bruises, burns, calcanean spurs, calluses or corns, cellulitis, chilblains, clean the skin, eczema, embedded thorns, gangrene, hard skin, mouth infections and ulcers, pruritus, psoriasis, skin disorders (infection, inflammation, rash), ulcers; vulnerary, warts, whitlows, wounds and cuts (infection)
4 GAS: Digestive or gastrointestinal problems Antiemetic, antihelminthic, appetizer (tonic), carminative (gases), clean the stomach, constipation (laxative), diarrhea, digestive disorders, emetic, gall stones, gastritis (gastric anti-inflammatory), heartburn, internal ulcers, intestinal worms, liver disorders (clean, inflammation, jaundice, protection, pain), purgative, stomach pain and disorders, teeth (disorders, strengthening, pain)
5 MET: Metabolic syndromes Allergic reactions, anti-inflammatory, diabetes, hypoglycemic, metabolic disorders, salutiferous, stimulate immune system
6 INF: Infections Antiherpes, fever (antipyretic), internal antiseptic (infections)
7 SKE: Skeleto-muscular system Antialgic muscular, antispasmodic, arthrosis, body pains, broken bones, decalcifications, lumbago, muscle anti-inflammatory, muscular and joint pains, musculoskeletal disorders, osteoarthritis (arthritis), rheumatism (antirheumatic), sciatica, sprains.
8 NER: Nervous system Analgesic, antiparkinsonian, depression, headache, insomnia, nervousness, relaxant, sadness, sedative (tranquilizer), sickness, stimulant
9 SEN: Sens Eyes (clean, conjunctivitis, antiseptic, inflammation, irritation, pain, rheum, sties, visual protector), ear (disorders and pain)
10 GYN: Gynecology Abortive, dysmenorrhea, anti-metrorrhagic, emmenagogue, galactofugue, galactogenous, menstruation, premenstrual pain, puerperium antiseptic, tonic after give birth, vaginal infections.
11 RES: Respiratory complaints Anticatarrhal, antitussive, asthma, bronchitis, chest infections, cold, cough, expectorant (mucolytic) flu, hoarseness, inflammation, influenza, pharyngeal problems, phlegm; pneumonia, sinusitis, sore throat, tuberculosis, whooping cough
12 URO: Urology Cystitis, kidney disorders (stones and clean), masculine impotence, prostate inflammations and disorders, renal anti-inflammatory, litothriptic and protector, urinary antiseptic and retention
13 RIT: Ritual procedures To protect from illness and bad spirits
14 VAR: Various Undefined pain and illnesses (anemia, antiscorbutic, diaphoretic, general malaise and pains, healthy, iron- deficiency, panacea, to give up alcohol, and vitamin)