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Table 1 Home gardens’ functions recognized by their owners in Comalcalco, Tabasco, México

From: Home gardens’ agrobiodiversity and owners’ knowledge of their ecological, economic and socio-cultural multifunctionality: a case study in the lowlands of Tabasco, México

Dimension Code Description
Socio-cultural f1 Provide space for ludic, artistic, reflexive, relaxing and sport activities
f2 Contribute socio-cultural elements for food sovereignty
f3 Beautify the direct family and community environment
f4 Strengthen family/community cohesion through common activities
f5 Generate positive emotions and feelings
f6 Strengthen human relations through gifts and exchange of products
f7 Equitably sharing tasks in HG maintenance
f8 Maintain cultural heritage
f9 Maintain ecological knowledge and wisdom
f10 Ambience to transmit contemporary knowledge to new generations
f11 Site for family and community traditions
f12 Provide ingredients for culinary traditions
Ecologic f13 Provide mineral nutrients from soil and water
f14 Provide food and living space for wildlife
f15 Conserve agrobiodiversity
f16 Filter atmospheric contamination
f17 Attract regional rainfall
f18 Free oxygen, absorb carbon dioxide and produce biomass
f19 Equilibrate provision of nutrients by providing organic matter
f20 Maintain soils’ physical-chemical properties
f21 Mitigate the impact of strong winds
f22 Provide variation in microclimate
f23 Receive and disperse seeds
f24 Regulate physiological conditions of establishing, juvenile plants
F25 Regulate temperature through transpiration and filtering radiation
F26 Rehabilitate tree cover
Economic F27 Provide products for selling to contribute to income
F28 Contribute economically to food sovereignty
F29 Facilitate the continuous availability of wood for local use
F30 Provide a diversity of products through the year
F31 Provide plants for use in agriculture (tools)
F32 Provide plants for the production of handicrafts
F33 Provide edible plants
F34 Provide plants for domestic uses (utensils)
F35 Provide wood
F36 Provide medicinal plants
F37 Provide ornamental plants
F38 Provide plants for other uses