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Table 2 Various local uses of Mazri palm in Pakistan

From: Mazri (Nannorrhops ritchiana (Griff) Aitch.): a remarkable source of manufacturing traditional handicrafts, goods and utensils in Pakistan

S. no English name of the use or handcrafted products Pashto name of the use or handcrafted products Codes for two-way cluster and cluster analysis Parts used Relative frequency of citation Use details
1 Hot pot (Fig. 4a) Petwar (3 sizes) Hot Pot Leaves 0.76 It is used to keep breads, toasts, etc. warmer for a while after baking them
2 Salt pot (Fig. 4b) Malge wala Lokhay Salt-Pot Leaves 0.65 It is used as a pot to store salt in the kitchen / kitchen table
3 Mat for beds Kat pozakay (1 × 2 m) Mat-Beds Leaves 0.60 It is used as a mattress mostly during the summer season due to its insulating nature and cooling effects
4 Mat for poultry cage Panjre da para pozakay (1 × 1 m) Mat-P-Cg Leaves 0.57 It is used in poultry cages to avoid grains from falling on the earth or becoming dirty
5 Mat for vehicles (Fig. 4d) Garo wala chetai (1.5 × 1 m) Mat-Vehi Leaves 0.57 Conductors and drivers of heavy vehicles or trucks covering long distances use to rest on the ground or truck floor on these mats
6 Mat for grains Dano wala Chetai (4 × 4 m) Mat-Grai Leaves 0.49 It is used to dry cereal grains after thrashing the crops
7 Mat for guests Chetai melmano da para (2 × 3 m) Mat-Gues Leaves 0.44 It is used for setting the guest especially in large cultural gatherings and also while serving a meal
8 Prayer mat for one individual Musala/Jai Namaz/Puzakay P-M-O-In Leaves 0.41 It is used for praying by a single person at home or mosque
9 Prayer mat for group of individual (Fig. 4f) Saf/Purr (1 × 8 m) P-M-G-In Leaves 0.41 It is used for prayer of many people at homes as well as mosques
10 Small broom Wara Jaro/Jarogai S-Broom Leaves 0.38 It is used to clean shops, rooms, vehicles, water mills, etc.
11 Large broom (Fig. 4h) Ghata Jaro/Jaro L-Broom Leaves 0.38 It is used to clean large houses, mosques, office buildings, roads, and lawns
13 Hand fan (Fig. 4i) Babozay Hand-Fan Leaves 0.36 They are used as hand fans during journeys and when in hot days there are breakdowns of electricity
14 Shoes for common uses (Fig. 4j) Saflai Sh-C-Use Leaves 0.33 They are used in social gatherings and recreational activities
15 Shoes for ice skiing Wawro safely Shoe-Ice Leaves 0.19 They were used in past to walk on ice
16 Large basket Tokra L-Basket Leaves 0.21 It is used for trasporting different items from one place to another, especially food and cloths
17 Middle-size basket (Fig. 4l) Shkarai M-S-Bask Leaves 0.30 It is used to keep bread warmer for longer period especially during social gatherings
18 Large-size flat basket (Fig. 4m) Shkor/chaj L-S-F-Bas Leaves 0.31 It is used to remove husks from the grains by thining and shaking methods
19 Basket used in hotels Shkor hotel wala B-U-Hot Leaves 0.27 It is used in hotels to keep bread warm and soft for a longer period
20 Cover for animal mouth (Fig. 4o) Koaray da janwaro da khole da para/Bhoka C-A-Mout Leaves 0.22 It is used to cover the mouth of a newborn or unhealthy cattle to avoid the animal eating harmful substances. It is also used while ploughing to avoid grazing
21 Bags for packing grasses (Fig. 4p) Kwaray B-P-Gras Leaves 0.24 It is used to pack fodder for cattle. It is also used by street sellers for packing steel, silver, plastic, pots, shoes, cloths, food items etc
22 Packing bags for sweets (Fig. 4q) Pachai P-B-Swee Leaves 0.23 It is used for packing various kinds of baked items, rice, and unrefined sugar cane (Gurrh)
23 Hat (Fig. 4r) Topay Hat Leaves 0.21 It is used to protect human head from heat, torrential rain, snowfall etc., during different seasons
24 Grains bin (Fig. 4s) Tatra or Kando Grai-Bin Leaves 0.13 It is used to store different kinds of grains and cereals
25 Box Petai Box Leaves 0.15 It is used to store varoius grains, flours and dry food items at home in farming communities
26 Ropes (Fig. 4t) Bonr Ropes Leaves 0.19 It is used to produce bed steads (Fig. 4v), tying up different goods, animals, livestock, etc.
27 One seater small bed (Fig. 4u) Katkay O-S-S-Be Leaves 0.28 It is used for setting a single person
28 Rope Lange wala rasai Rope Leaves 0.05 It is used to form one half of the bed from where it's titghened when gets loose; that end of the bed is known as Langa or Piarrma in Pashto language
29 Rope for well Kohi wala rasai R-F-Wel Leaves 0.08 Use to take water out from the wells via wheel or deeper springs
30 Ornamental plant (Fig. 4w) Gamle wala plant Ornament   0.02 Mazri palm is cultivated for esthetic purposes
31 --
(Fig. 4x)
Lad Laud Leaves 0.06 It is used to transport goods on donkeys from one place to another
32 Fuel (Fig. 4y) Khashak/Largay Fuel Leaves, stem sheaths 0.09 Dry leaves, stem sheaths, and roots are used as fuel
33 Toothbrush (Fig. 4z) Miswak T-Brush Petiole 0.13 Petiole of the leaf is used as a toothbrush
34 Fruit, shoot (Fig. 4aa) Patawa Fr-Ne-Sh Fruits, fresh shoots 0.06 Fruits and young shoots are used as food ingredients
35 Marbles (Fig. 4ab) Belouree Marbles Seeds 0.14 In some areas, kids play marble game using its hard-round seeds, and the game is locally known as Belouree
36 Roofs or ceiling Sapar/Chappar Construc Leaves 0.03 In some areas, the leaves are used for roofing or thatching
37 Medicinal uses Tibi istimal/Dawai Med-Use Leaves 0.76 Fresh leaves’ extract is used for treating stomach problems
38 Fodder Gayah/Wakha Animal-F Leaves 0.65 Young leaves are grazed by animals or they are also used in powedered form
39 Cages Panjra B-Cages Leaves 0.60 These are used to keep appreciated and/or birds like Chukar, Parrot, and Mayana. People also keep such bird cages in the wild in order to attract and hunt other birds (esp. in the tribal belt of Pakistan).