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Table 1 Investigation sites in Qianxinan Buyi and Miao Autonomous Prefecture

From: An ethnoveterinary study on medicinal plants used by the Buyi people in Southwest Guizhou, China

County/City name Village and township Local herbal medicinal market Traditional museum Traditional breeding farm
Anlong County A’neng Village, Tongsa Village, Guantun Village, Longguang Township. Anlong County market Anlong County Museum Honglong breeding farm
Cehong County Ceyang Village, Chayuan Village, Banwan Village, Ponai Township. Ceheng County market Zhonghua Buyi People Museum Rongduzhen Yangbo Yuan
Wangmo County Sanglang Village, Nanbei Village, Luwang Village, Mashan Village, Daguan township, Liudong Township. Wangmo County market   Sanglang Rural Cooperative Pig Farm
Xingyi City Huangcao Township Panjiang East Road market.