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Table 5 Top 20 ethnoveterinary plant species with the highest use reports

From: An ethnoveterinary study on medicinal plants used by the Buyi people in Southwest Guizhou, China

Botanical name Disease (or illness) URs
Zingiber officinale Digestive disorders, flatulence, fever 56
Plantago depressa Fever 54
Plantago asiatica Pulmonary infection 53
Taraxacum mongolicum Respiratory problems 52
Lonicera japonica Throat troubles 49
Artemisia argyi Oral disease, anthelmintic 48
Leonurus japonicus Postpartum extravasated blood 48
Allium sativum Bacterial infection, fertility 47
Coptis chinensis Fever 46
Benincasa hispida Hydropsy 45
Evodia rutaecarpa Gastric distension 45
Verbena officinalis Common cold 43
Ardisia crispa Diarrhea 43
Xanthium sibiricum Fungal infection 41
Perilla frutescens Gasteremphraxis 40
Fallopia multiflora Diarrhea 39
Blumea balsamifera Oral disease 38
Paris polyphylla Fever 38
Andrographis paniculata Fever 37
Glycyrrhiza uralensis Digestive tract problem 37