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Table 2 Summary of the variables raised during the interviews and used in the GLM analysis as tested variables

From: Invisible contaminants and food security in former coal mining areas of Santa Catarina, Southern Brazil

Variable Explanation
Perception Observing environmental changes where you live.
1 Positive—has observed positive changes over time in the landscape, such as increased plants and animals.
2 Neutral—not observed any change.
3 Negative—has observed negative changes over time in the landscape, such as species loss.
Locality Local community.
Gender Men and woman.
These areas In which mined context the interviewee lives.
Mined and abandoned area: these areas are visibly degraded and with exposed tailings.
Mined and abandoned area partially restored: these are greener areas with soil covered by a layer of clay and grass.
Residence time How many years have residents lived in this community.