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Table 4 Occurrence of used fauna in different vegetation types in the TCV and surrounding regions

From: Use and management of wild fauna by people of the Tehuacán-Cuicatlán Valley and surrounding areas, Mexico

Vegetation typeInsectaReptiliaAvesMammaliaTotal number of animal species% of the total edible species (n = 74)% of the total ornamental species (n = 30)% of the total medicinal species (n = 23)
Lowland tropical dry forest8324144935.1373.3356.52
Highland temperate forest7415113733.7843.3347.82
Xerophytic shrubland1111393425.6743.3339.13
Columnar cacti forests202312612.1643.3321.73
Cloud forest30091216.2116.6621.73
Rain forest30071013.5113.3313.04
Subdeciduous forest31041083.3321.73