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Table 4 Summary of network analysis indicating the central nucleus, peripheral system, density, and centralization percentages (knowledge, perception, and relationship)

From: Knowledge, attitudes, and practices regarding vector-borne diseases in central Mexico

Concept Central nucleus Peripheral system Density Centralization
Definition of an insect Little animal, small, and flying Bites, bug, disease, little legs, creeping, harmful, and pest 49.2% 23.6%
Information sources Subscription television, children’s movies, and biology books Newscasts and movies in general 38.8% 30.1%
Insects you like Butterfly, grasshopper, and bee Cricket, ant, beetle, spider, larva food, true bug food, dragonfly, ladybug, scorpion, wasp, caterpillar, and worm 30.8% 27.8%
Insects you dislike Mosquito, cockroach, and fly Scorpion, spider, ant, mosquito, bee, wasp, flea, worm, and centipede 79.5% 20.8%
Insects that cause diseases Mosquito, scorpion, and fly Cockroach, spider, and flying bug 66.8% 45.2%
VBDs Dengue, fever, hives, malaria, and chikungunya Intestinal infection and poisoning 34.8% 40.7%