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Table 3 Environmental and bioclimatic variables used to assess the geographical potential distribution area of S. aristolochiifolia in the State of Puebla, Mexico

From: Uses, abundance perception, and potential geographical distribution of Smilax aristolochiifolia Mill (SMILACACEAE) on the Totonacapan Region of Puebla, Mexico

Code Variable description Units
Bio1 Average annual temperature °C
Bio2 Diurnal temperature oscillation °C
Bio3 Isothermality Dimensionless
Bio4 Temperature seasonality CV
Bio5 Average maximum temperature of the warmest period °C
Bio6 Average minimum temperature of the coldest period °C
Bio7 Annual temperature oscillation °C
Bio8 Average temperature of the rainiest four-month period °C
Bio9 Average temperature of the driest four-month period °C
Bio10 Average temperature of the warmest quarter °C
Bio11 Average temperature of the coldest quarter °C
Bio12 Annual precipitation mm
Bio13 Precipitation of the rainiest period mm
Bio14 Precipitation of the driest period mm
Bio15 Seasonality of precipitation CV
Bio16 Precipitation of the wettest four-month period mm
Bio17 Precipitation of the driest four-month period mm
Bio18 Precipitation of the hottest quarter mm
Bio19 Coldest quarter precipitation mm
Bio20 Altitude m
Bio21 Humidity regime Days
Bio22 Ground cover 23 types
  1. °C = degree Celsius, CV = coefficient of variation; m = meters; mm = millimeters