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Table 1 Use categories

From: Local plant knowledge and its variation among farmer’s families in the Napf region, Switzerland

Culinary The plant or parts of it is eaten raw or cooked or used for preparations like syrup, juice, herbal teas (without any medicinal indication) and alcoholic drinks
Medicinal Uses for the medicinal treatment of humans
Ornamental The plant is used for decoration or grown as ornamental plant
Wood Firewood, timber, wood used for handicraft (mostly carpenter wood, but also, e.g., basket weaving) and “wood” which was mentioned without precise use
Toy The plant is used to play with
Fodder The plant is grazed by animals or fed to animals, including plants said to be good nectar suppliers for honeybees
Veterinary medicine Uses for the medicinal treatment of animals
Other E.g., herbal preparations to treat the garden plants, clover sown as fertilizer, plant characteristics used for weather forecasts, canes to herd animals, plants used in religious context etc