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Table 5 Statistical result analyzing the relationship between social and ecological factors and the current state of the TRM system of medicinal plants

From: Traditional knowledge of medicinal plants on Gau Island, Fiji: differences between sixteen villages with unique characteristics of cultural value

Dependent variables (the state of the TRM system)
Unit: 0-No, 1-Yes
Categories Independent variables (social and ecological factors) Estimate Std. Error P (>|t|)
  Intercept − 0.241559 0.788411 0.77
Resource system (RS) Size of resource system (agricultural areas)
Unit: number
0.001708 0.006798 0.81
Resource units (RU) Economic value
Unit: 0-No, 1-Yes
− 0.301235 0.330581 0.38
Resource units (RU) Number of units (average)
Unit: number
0.151495 0.154448 0.35
Actor (A) Population
Unit: number
− 0.002960 0.002193 0.21
Actor (A) Community solidarity (social capital)
Unit: 0-No, 1-Yes
0.860723 0.347091 0.03 (p < 0.05)
  1. This statistical analysis applied linear regression analysis presented significant difference (p = 0.0326) between community solidarity (independent variables) and the current state of the TRM system (dependent variable)