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Table 5 First class nationally protected plants and second class nationally protected plants

From: Market survey on the traditional medicine of the Lijiang area in Yunnan Province, China

Voucher specimens Local name Family name Latin name of original plant W/C L/E IUCN
NXYC175 Ai shi ban mi ba Orchidaceae Dendrobium officinale Kimura et Migo W L
NXYC239 Hongshen Araliaceae Panax ginseng C. A. Mey W/C E CR
NXYC024 Me ji xu Crassulaceae Rhodiola fastigiata (Hook. f. et Thoms.) S. H. Fu W L LC
NXYC043 Lv ji piao Orchidaceae Bulbophyllum odoratissimum (Smith) Lindl W L LC
NXYC054 Ke ba guo lian Berberidaceae Dysosma versipellis (Hance) M. Cheng ex Ying W L VU
NXYC085 Fen cao Fabaceae Glycyrrhiza uralensis Fisch C E LC
NXYC140 A dong ming Orchidaceae Calanthe tricarinata Lindl.ex Wall W L LC
NXYC150 Da du wu Crassulaceae Rhodiola yunnanensis Franch W L LC
NXYC162 Xiao ban ye lan Orchidaceae Goodyera repens (L.) R. Br W L LC
NXYC177 Lei ke Orchidaceae Gastrodia elata Blume W/C L
NXYC213 Di yu Caryophyllaceae Psammosilene tunicoides W. C. Wu et C. Y. Wu W L EN
NXYC219 Yu ma pu Melanthiaceae Paris pubescens (Hand.-Mazz.) Wang et Tang W/C L EN
NXYC224 Gong ben ya de Orchidaceae Bletilla striata (Thunb.) Rchb. f W L EN
NXYC225 Gong ben ya ji Orchidaceae Pleione bulbocodioides (Franch.) Rolfe W L LC
NXYC236 A yu la ba Orchidaceae Gymnadenia conopsea (L.) R. Br W L EN
NXYC237 Xinanshoushen Orchidaceae Gymnadenia orchidis Lindl W L VU
NXYC240 Roucongrong Orobanchaceae Cistanche deserticola Y. C. Ma C E EN
NXYC245 Wu lu me ji xu Crassulaceae Rhodiola crenulata (Hook. f. et Thoms.) H. Ohba W L EN
NXYC247 Lu bu gei Orchidaceae Spiranthes sinensis (Pers.) Ames W L LC
  1. CR critically endangered, LC least concern, EN endangered, VU vulnerable