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Table 2 The correspondence between ICPC-2 disease categories and the diseases recorded in the field

From: Green pharmacy at the tips of your toes: medicinal plants used by Setos and Russians of Pechorsky District, Pskov Oblast (NW Russia)

Blood cleansing Blood dilution Instead of aspirin Low hemoglobin  
Atherosclerosis Heart pain Heart support Leg vein problems Spasms in blood vessels
Balancing blood pressure Heart herb Hemorrhoids Low blood pressure Strengthens blood vessels
Coronary heart disease Heart problems High blood pressure Shortness of breath Vein problems
Foot tiredness     
Anti-inflammatory Digestion recovery after oncology treatment Intestinal problems Liver cleansing Stomachache in children
Bad breath Flatulence Intestinal problems in children Liver problems Stomach problems
Bile expelling Flatulence in children Jaundice Poisoning Stomatitis in children
Colitis Gastritis Laxative Stomachache Upset stomach
Diarrhea Helminths Liver cirrhosis Stomachache in babies Intestinal infections
Diarrhea in children High acidity    
Ear pain Noise in ears    
Cholesterol balance Gout Pancreas problems Thyroid gland problems  
Diabetes Iodine source Salt deposition in joints   
Eye irritation Goopy eyes Tired eyes   
Female Genital
Female problems Menorrhagia Women's health   
99 diseases CO poisoning Good for blood Immunity Panacea
Aches Cold prophylactic Good for health Inflammation Sudorific
Allergy Edema Good for heart Mumps Tonic
Anti-inflammatory Fever Good for intestines N/A Vitamins in spring
Infant diseases General health Good for stomach Oncology Vitamins in winter
Cleansing General sickness Good for vision   
Male Genital
Male diseases Prostatitis    
Arm pain Bursitis Knee edema Painkiller Rheumatism
Arthritis Foot pain Knee pain Radiculitis Wounds
Back pain Joint problems Leg pain   
Analgesic Hangover Nerve restoring   
Finger spasms Headache Seizures   
Sedative Sedative for children Sleep improvement Sleeplessness  
Tonsillitis (angina) Cold Cough Running nose Sore throat
Antiseptic for cold Cold in children Cough in children Sinusitis Throat inflammation
Asthma Congested nose Flu   
Abscessed blister Boils Foot dryness Pimples Skin irritation
Abscessed wound Bruises Hair growth Pus extraction Warts
Bath for babies Burns Inflammation Skin inflammation Wounds
Bleeding Cuts Insect bites   
Diuretic Female genital hypothermia (most commonly expressed as UTI) Kidney problems Kidney stones Urinary tract infections