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Table 1 Sociodemographic characteristics of the six studied localities in Pu’er Prefecture

From: Ethnomycological study on wild mushrooms in Pu’er Prefecture, Southwest Yunnan, China

Locality Population Main ethnic groups Economy
Pu’er Municipality 416,200 Hani, Yi, Lahu Agriculture, tea, robber, animal
Mojiang County 281,600 Hani, Yi, Dai Agriculture, tea, walnut, tobacco, animal
Ning’er County 162,700 Hani, Yi, Dai Agriculture, tea, fruit, animal
Lancang County 441,500 Lahu, Wa, Hani Agriculture, tea, animal
Ximeng County 87,300 Wa, Lahu, Dai Agriculture, tea, robber, coffee, walnut
Menglian County 144,700 Lahu, Wa, Dai Agriculture, tea, robber, coffee