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Table 6 Local foods and beverages prepared from most commonly cited barley

From: Farmers’ knowledge on cultivation, utilization and conservation practices of barley (Hordeum vulgare L.) in three selected districts in Ethiopia

District Barley variety # record End uses/local foods and drinks prepared barley
Misha district in Hadiya zone Awodo 106 Kolo—roasted barley grain used as snacks
Beso—meal prepared from flour of lightly roasted barley grain mixed with water
Kinche—Ethiopian breakfast meal prepared from roasted and cracked barley boiled using either water or milk
Borde—beverage prepared from traditional fermented barley
Chuko—roasted barley flour (Beso) mixed with spiced butter to a stiff ball
Bread—food made of flour, water and yeast mixed together and baked
Enjera –thin Ethiopian bread
Genfo—a thick porridge prepared by mixing fine flour of slightly roasted barley grain with boiling water and stirring until it smooth and thick
Anekalla—roasted barley grain mixed with butter and used as snacks
Bullo—flour boiled water
Du’uyya 98 Keneto—non-alcoholic drink extracted from deeply roasted barley grain
Karebo—a thin drink prepared from slightly fermented flour of roasted grain
Ayidara—low alcoholic beverage made from malt barley
Nazena 78 Tella—fermented alcoholic beverage
Udurgufo—large rounded bread that is baked on a flat surface in an oven
Karebo, Kolo, Borde, Bullo, Ayidara
Mirt-zer 69 Shameta—low alcoholic beverage made by overnight fermentation of roasted barley flour
Kinche, Kolo, Beso, Borde
Gumer district in Gurage zone Jimua-Tikur 87 Kolo, Tella, Karebo, Shameta
Shege 81 Kolo, Kinche
Nech-Senef 62 Kolo
Awodo 56 Shorba—a kind of a hot soup made from coarsely grounded grain
Genfo, Kolo, Enjera, Chuko, Beso, Kinche
Hetosa district in Arsi Zone Walia 25 Akayi (Kolo), Marka (Genfo), Bedena (Enjera), Bacho (Beso), Shaffe (Chuko), Shorba
Kabe 19 Akayi (Kolo), Marka (Genfo), Kinche, Shorba
Wolkari 10 Akayi (Kolo), Bacho (Beso), Marka (Genfo), Kinche, Keneto, Kure (Karebo)
Eboni 9 Akayi (Kolo), Marka (Genfo), Bedena (Enjera), Beso, Kinche, Chuko