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Table 1 Ethnobotanical indices used for measuring informant’s medicinal plant knowledge in the Mahafaly region of SW-Madagascar

From: Effects of socio-economic household characteristics on traditional knowledge and usage of wild yams and medicinal plants in the Mahafaly region of south-western Madagascar

Indices Calculation Description
Diversity of medicinal plant use (D) D = 1/∑ Pi2, where Pi2 is equal to the number of times a species was mentioned by informant ‘i’ divided by the total number of informants answer. Simpson’s Reciprocal Index [32], adapted by [33]. Measures how many medicinal plant species an informant uses and how evenly his uses are distributed among the species.
Species use value (UV S ) UVS = ∑ UVis/ni, where UVis is the sum of the total number of use citations by all informants for a given species and ni is the total number of informants. Evaluates the relative importance of each plant species based on its relative use among informants [34], adapted by [35].
Family use value (FUV) FUV = ∑UVs/ns, where ∑UVS is the sum of species use value (UVs) within a family and ns the number of species within a family. Evaluates the use importance of a given plant family [34].