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Table 2 Ecosystem services managed by Székely village communities in the 16-19 th centuries based on explicit information in village laws

From: Landscape ethnoecological knowledge base and management of ecosystem services in a Székely-Hungarian pre-capitalistic village system (Transylvania, Romania)

Ecosystem services* Records in laws
Cultivated crops (cereals, vegetables, domestic fruit) 192
Wild plants and their produce (wild fruit for food) 16
Wild animals and their produce (freshwater fish, crayfish, birds, game) 15
Fibres and other materials from plants for direct use or processing (wood, timber and all other sorts of timber uses) 110
Materials from plants for agricultural use (grass for forage and fodder, acorn) 217
Surface water for non-drinking purposes (domestic use, washing, cleaning, soaking hemp) 19
Plant-based energy resources (wood fuel) 22
Animal-based energy (physical labour provided by horses and oxen) 39
Total 630
  1. *Categories follow CICES classification of Ecosystem Services vers. 4.3 [55].