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Table 9 Hydrology related set of Csángó habitat terms, their meanings and English equivalents (literal translations of names are given in parentheses)

From: Multidimensionality and scale in a landscape ethnoecological partitioning of a mountainous landscape (Gyimes, Eastern Carpathians, Romania)

Csángó habitat names Meanings and English equivalents
selymékes, selyke, sepedékes hely, tepsányos 2 Fens around springs, mainly sedge-dominated stands, rarely with Sphagnum (a sinking area)
mocsaras hely 2 Muddy areas around springs or along streams, with sedge-dominated stands (marshy place)
sátészély 2,3 Edge of a fen (the same)
félvizenyes hely, szinte olyan vizenyes, s mégse 3 Partly waterlogged soils on the margin of fens (half-watered place)
vizes hely, vizenyes terület 1,2 Wetlands (wet place)
víz, taploca 2 Warmer spring and its creek, that never freezes (water, ?)
vízszélye 2 At the edge of waters (the same)
lapos, ahol a víz elterül 2 Flooded place (flooded, where it is flooded)
forrásfej, kicsi források mellett 3 Spring (spring head / around small springs)
patak, patak mentén, patak szélén, vizek mentén 1,2 Smaller stream or along streams (stream, along streams, at the water)
tócsa, pocsolya 3 Puddle (the same)
tó, állóvíz 2,3 Lakes (lake, standing water)
  1. Superscripts indicate scale: 1macrohabitat; 2mesohabitat; 3microhabitat.