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Table 5 Other products used in the treatment of camels in Sahrawi veterinary

From: Ethnoveterinary of Sahrawi pastoralists of Western Sahara: camel diseases and remedies

Product Preparation Administration route Indications
Bitumen Mixed Topical Mange
Butter (camel/goat milk)   Topical Chest wounds, Dermatomycosis
Camel blood Mixed with sugar Eye drop Eyes inflammation
Camel fat (hump) Mixed Topical Chest wounds Dermatomycosis
Camel placenta   Oral Calf diarrhoea (preventive treatment)
Duda syndrome
Camel skin Coat is removed, skin is cut in small pieces and dried, then pit cooked in sandy soils Topical Gengivitis
Camel urine Collected and plastered with the soil Topical Shmel (mastitis)
Chameleon skin (Chamaeleo spp.) Dry Topical Udder infections
Camphor   Topical Mange
Donkey bones (Equus asinus L.) Burnt, grinded and dissolved in water Oral Buguashish
Donkey faeces (Equus asinus L.) Grinded and dissolved in water Oral Diarrhoea
Exhaust engine oil Coat is cut Topical Mange
Tick infestations
Fermented milk (camel/goat)   Topical Skin conditions
Food crust Collected from the bottom of the pot after cooking and then grinded Topical Wounds
Hematite/Red ochre [Iron(III) oxide Fe2O3] Grinded and dissolved in water or oil Topical Hematomas
Broken ribs
Hyena feces and/or blood (Hyaena hyaena L.)   Oral Aulisis
Insecticide spray   Topical Ticks
Milk cream (camel/goat milk) Coat is cut Topical Mange
Eye drop Skin necrosis (shdan)
Eye inflammation
Rock salt Grinded and heated in fat Topical Camelpox
Grinded and dissolved in water Wounds
Dietary supplement
Soap Dissolved in water and oil, the floating fat is then collected Topical Mange
Spiny-tailed lizard (Uromastix acanthinura Bell.) Roasted on the fire and cut in pieces, then dissolved in water Oral Kidney infections
Weight and appetite loss
Roasted, triturated and dissolved in oil Oral Duda syndrome
Dried skin Topical Mastitis
Sugar Dissolved in water Inhalation Diarrhoea
Sulphur stone Grinded and dissolved in hump fat, then left resting for a week Topical Mange
Tobacco Heated in oil Inhalation Flies infestations
Boiled or macerated in water Dipping Fleas
Macerated in water Oral Duda syndrome
Eye drops
Vegetal oil Heated Topical Dermatomycosis