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Table 3 Criteria for ranking species for Sensitivity Rank (SR) of reviewed species

From: Integrating ethnobiological knowledge into biodiversity conservation in the Eastern Himalayas

Attribute Attribute Criteria
Species Engagement
 High Relative Intensity (D) Harvesting/utilizing either (i) whole animal or animal part in a manner that reduces animal’s lifespan (i.e. bones, ivory, meat, etc.); or (ii) whole plant, rootstock, rhizome, fungal body, etc.
 Low Relative Intensity (N) Species engagement excluding the above
Altitudinal Range
 Restricted (R) Range limited to one habitat zone
 Wide (W) Range extending to two or more habitat zones (Refer to Table 2 for habitat zones)
Population Status
 Threatened (T) IUCN or Government of Sikkim-recommended Critically Endangered (CR), Endangered (EN), or Vulnerable (VU)
 Not Threatened (U) IUCN or Government of Sikkim-recommended Near Threatened (NT), Least Concern (LC), or Not Assessed (NA)