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Table 4 Examples of Cuicatec nomenclature and classification of mammals, based on fieldwork in San Lorenzo Pápalo and reports from [49] in Santa María Pápalo, Oaxaca

From: Cuicatec ethnozoology: traditional knowledge, use, and management of fauna by people of San Lorenzo Pápalo, Oaxaca, Mexico

Common nameScientific nameClassificatory termSpecific term
Group y’aa
 CougarFelis concolory’aaiuùo’o
 OcelotlLeopardus pardalisy’aava
 CoyoteCanis latransy’aaga ta
Group ‘i-yu
 SquirrelSciurus spp.‘i-yu 
 MoleThomomys umbrinus‘i-yu 
 WeaselMustela crenata‘i-yu 
Group y’u
TemazateMazama temamay’udu
 FoxUrocyon cinereoargenteusy’une
 CacomistleBassariscus astutusy’une sangá
 BadgerNasua naricay’ub’ama
 BadgerNasua naricay’ub’yoo
 RacoonProcyon lotory’ubi
 AnteaterTamandua mexicanay’ubi ndii
 ZereteDasyprocta mexicanay’ucue