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Table 3 Products, their characteristics, uses and the species used for making them

From: Plant-derived utility products: knowledge comparison across gender, age and education from a tribal landscape of western Himalaya

S. no.ProductUsesSpecies used
 1.BasolaFor shaping wooden implements and other artefactsCotoneaster bacillaris, Quercus semecarpifolia
 2BraluFor collection of leaf litter and for the seperation of husk during grain threshingCotoneaster bacillaris, Sorbaria tomentosa
 3BuhaarFor cleaning house and the surroundingsArundinaria falcata, Pinus wallichiana, Spiraea canescens
 4CharkhaFor spinning natural fibres into threadJuglans regia
 5CharnuFor churning fresh homemade curdJuglans regia, Picea smithiana, Quercus semecarpifolia
 6ChheduFor cooking feasts in templeCotoneaster bacillaris
 7ChosarFor cleaning and sanding surfacesCotoneaster bacillaris, Juglans regia
 8DaanguFor support while walkingCotoneaster bacillaris, Quercus semecarpifolia, Sorbaria tomentosa, Viburnum erubescens
 9DbotanFor washing clothsCedrus deodara, Picea smithiana
 10DraatiFor harvesting crops or forageCotoneaster bacillaris, Quercus semecarpifolia, Salix alba
 11FaudaFor collecting grains & also cow dungCedrus deodara, Cotoneaster bacillaris, Picea smithiana
 12GraanuFor removing snowAbies pindrow, Cedrus deodara, Picea smithiana, Pinus wallichiana
 13HalFor ploughing fieldsQuercus semecarpifolia, Salix alba, Taxus baccata
 14HathodaFor fixing nails and breaking apart objectsCotoneaster bacillaris, Quercus semecarpifolia
 15JulnuFor carrying fodderCedrus deodara, Picea smithiana
 16KangternuFor making ropesCotoneaster bacillaris, Sorbaria tomentosa, Spiraea canescens
 17KhisFor making marks on woodCotoneaster bacillaris, Juglans regia
 18KudaliFor digging and weedingCotoneaster bacillaris, Quercus semecarpifolia
 19KulhadiFor shaping, splitting and cutting woodCotoneaster bacillaris, Quercus semecarpifolia
 20MandyanaFor thickening pattu (hand weaved cloth)Cedrus deodara, Picea smithiana, Juglans regia
 21MattiyaanFor breaking clodsCotoneaster bacillaris, Quercus semecarpifolia
 22MoeFor levelling the land after ploughingQuercus semecarpifolia
 23NaaluFor directing air to boost wooden fireArundinaria falcata
 24NanaatFor arranging threads before weavingCedrus deodara, Picea smithiana
 25NihaanFor making wooden items. It is used to fix the window and doorCotoneaster bacillaris, Juglans regia
 26PithuFor carrying stones or bricks on backAesculus indica, Juglans regia, Picea smithiana, Ulmus wallichiana
 27RachFor weaving woollen itemsArundinaria falcata, Juglans regia, Ulmus wallichiana, Picea smithiana, Cedrus deodara
 28RandaFor smoothening woodCotoneaster bacillaris, Juglans regia
 29ShaanderFor pre-processing of fibre before weavingArundinaria falcata
 30ThernaFor making yarn from woolQuercus semecarpifolia, Sorbaria tomentosa
 31TippanFor crushing fruits of Aesculus indica to make flourJuglans regia, Quercus semecarpifolia, Taxus baccata, Ulmus wallichiana
 32TokaWooden implement upon which wood or meat is cutQuercus semecarpifolia
 33TrethuFor hand threshing of cerealsCotoneaster bacillaris
 34Ukhal and MoolFor grinding and millingCedrus deodara, Picea smithiana, Quercus semecarpifolia, Taxus baccata, Ulmus wallichiana
Storage structures
 35BhaadFor storing dried fodderCedrus deodara, Picea smithiana
 36BhujnuFor storing fodder in an open placeCedrus deodara, Picea smithiana
 37DhaadFor rearing honey beesUlmus wallichiana
 38KotharFor keeping daily use items such as ration or clothsAbies pindrow, Cedrus deodara, Picea smithiana
 39MlaiiFor storage of cow dung as manureCedrus deodara, Picea smithiana,
 40PeduFor storing crops such as potatoArundinaria falcata,Ulmus wallichiana
Construction use
 41BaadaA gate restricting entry of animals into houseCedrus deodara, Picea smithiana
 42GharHouse for livingCedrus deodara, Picea smithiana, Abies pindrow, Pinus wallichiana
 43MandarFor worshipping deitiesCedrus deodara, Picea smithiana
 44OdaFor keeping hensCedrus deodara, Picea smithiana, Pinus wallichiana, Ulmus wallichiana
 45PuliyaFor crossing small rivuletsCedrus deodara, Picea smithiana
 46SiddiFor climbing to reach higher placesCedrus deodara, Picea smithiana
 47ChikdaFor covering mouth of animals to prevent grazingCannabis sativa
 48KirdaFor carrying cow dung and other farm productsArundinaria falcata
 49MandariMat for sitting or lyingHordeum vulgare, Triticum aestivum
 50RassiFor tieing animals, fodder and other artefactsCannabis sativa
 51RucheShoes for walking over snowCannabis sativa
 52TraaniFor drying household use materialArundinaria falcata
 53TredaFor carrying objects on headHordeum vulgare, Triticum aestivum
 54JyunFor supporting creepers/vines such as Rajmah, Cucumber, etc.Arundinaria falcata, Desmodium elegans, Indigofera heterantha, Sorbaria tomentosa
 55PatduStool for sittingCedrus deodara, Juglans regia, Picea smithiana, Pinus wallichiana