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Table 4 Characteristics of the species used and a comparative account of their uses with other studies

From: Plant-derived utility products: knowledge comparison across gender, age and education from a tribal landscape of western Himalaya

S. no.Species (family) collection numberLocal nameLife formWood characteristics (based on [41, 42])Present studyOther studies
IAbies pindrow Royle (Pinaceae) PLP 9977ToshTreeIt is soft and easy to saw wood, the weight of which is about 30 lbs per cubic footTool, storage structure, constructionHouse construction [43,44,45,46,47]; household articles, furniture [46].
2Aesculus indica Hook (Sapindaceae) PLP 9927KhnorTreeThe wood is soft white that polishes well and weighs 34 lbs per cubic foot.ToolPalanquins [43]; household articles, furniture [46]; agricultural implements, yoke, hoe [45, 47, 48].
3Arundinaria falcata Nees. (Poaceae) PLP 9978NagaalGrass (bamboo)A multipurpose bamboo. Its strength and light weight render it suitable for making products.Tool, storage structure, artefact, miscellaneousHousehold articles, baskets, mat, hat, broom, and winnow [43]
4Cannabis sativa L. (Cannabaceae) PLP 9945BhangoluHerbA fibre yielding plant. It produces more fibre than cotton and flexArtefactsRopes [43], basket and mat [49]
5Cedrus deodara G. Don (Pinaceae) PLP 9979DeodarTreeStrongest amongst Indian conifers, it is easy to saw and work. Its weight is about 35 lbs per cubic footTool, storage structure, construction, miscellaneousFurniture, house construction, door, windows, carvings [43,44,45, 47.
6Cotoneaster bacillaris Wall. ex Lindl. (Rosaceae) PLP 9980RiunshShrubThe wood is hard, close and even grained. Its weight is about 57 lbsToolsAgricultural tools, implements [43, 48, 50]
7Desmodium elegans DC. (Fabaceae) PLP 9981Safed kathiShrubA common shrub of the Himalayan regionMiscellaneousRopes, sacs [45], tools [48]
8Hordeum vulgare L. (Poaceae) PLP 9982JooGrassSurface roughness and polarity of its fibre are of importanceArtefact-
9Indigofera heterantha Baker (Fabaceae) PLP 9983Kai kathiShrubThe wood is hard and weighs around 55 lbs per cubic footMiscellaneousTool, handles of axe, pick axe, scythe, hammer [48]
10Juglans regia L. (Juglandaceae) PLP 9959KhodTreeThe wood is light, durable and has good working qualities. Its weight is about 44 lbs per cubic footTool, miscellaneousConstruction, furniture, cabinets [43, 44]; agricultural implements, plough, yoke [46,47,48].
11Picea smithiana Boiss. (Pinaceae) PLP 9984RaiTreeLight weight, it is easy to saw and work. Its weight is about 31lbs per cubic footTool, miscellaneous, storage structure, constructionStorage structures, boxes [47]; house construction [44].
12Pinus wallichiana A. B. Jacks. (Pinaceae) PLP 9985KailTreeWood is fairly durable and of good quality. Its weight is about 32 lbs per cubic footTool, construction, miscellaneousFurniture [43]; house construction, door, windows, shutter [44, 47]; tools [51].
13Quercus semecarpifolia Sm. (Fagaceae) PLP 9986KhreuTreeIts weight is about 54 lbs per cubic foot and is used on account of its strength and durabilityToolHouse construction [43, 47], agricultural implements, ploughs [43, 46, 48]; furniture, bed, table [49].
14Salix alba L. (Salicaceae) PLP 9987BhasalTreeIt is a lightwood that weighs about 25 lbs per cubic footTool-
15Sorbaria tomentosa Rehder (Rosaceae) PLP 9988KustShrubThe wood is hard and compactTool, miscellaneous-
16Spiraea canescens D. Don. (Fabaceae) PLP 9989ChakhuShrubWood is fairly hard and even grainedToolAgricultural implements, tool [50]
17Taxus baccata L. (Taxaceae) PLP 9948RakhalTreeStrong wood that polishes beautifully. Its weight is 44 lbs per cubic footToolVases, Pots, Containers , Palanquins [43], Construction, [44,45,46]
18Triticum aestivum L. (Poaceae) PLP 9992GehuGrassHousehold cereal crop. Fibre used due to its low cost and environmental friendly natureArtefactsCraft for decoration [48]
19Ulmus wallichiana Planch. (Ulmaceae) PLP 9990MaraalTreeWood is fairly hard, scented and fine grained. Its weight is about 36 lbs per cubic footTool, storage structure, constructionMiscellaneous [43]
20Viburnum erubescens Wall. (Adoxaceae) PLP 9991TalyanaShrubCommon Himalayan shrub.Tool-